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Sample Post: Adam Had a Great Fall – Big Time Art Restoration for Elementary Classrooms

Remember Humpty Dumpty? Well, the King’s horses and men should have taken him to New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. Maybe then Humpty could have been put back together again. That’s where a team of experts reassembled the Adam statue created by Tullio Lombardo a very long time ago. After standing up since the 1490s, Adam crashed off his pedestal around 6 P.M. one Sunday night in 2002.

Adam‘s Numbers

75 – inches tall when standing
Adam MOMA28 – number of recognizable pieces
(not counting hundreds of tiny bits)
12 – years to fix
3 – organizers of the restoration team
3 – fiberglass pins; 1 in left ankle and each knee


A STEAM*-Powered Fix: Artists, scientists and engineers worked together to fix AdamAdam even had to go to the hospital for scans. Everyone needed to see the cracks and weak points inside the marble. So he had scans that showed he needed a nose job and foot, hand, knee and head operations.

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