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January 2016

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The Tooth Fairy Conference, a cheeky update on tooth fairy traditions & a minty-fresh look at economics
Gwyneth is a tooth fairy. While collecting teeth one night, Gwyneth finds smeary, bleary notes that declare, “Eat candy in bed; you’ll have sweet dreams” or “Need more sleep? Skip flossing.” Plaque Man, the fairy world’s rot-minded foe, is back! And he's scheming to rot teeth that the fairies gather to buy what they need and want. So Gwyneth hies to the Fluoride Foundation’s Tooth Fairy Conference and collects help - brainy & brawny- to extract Plaque Man.

Future Series Topics: a posse of Santas and physics, harvest celebrations and plant biology, bunches of bunnies and chemistry, plus  many more intelligent characters