writer, educator, wordplay specialist

Do you like sharing books? Need some new ways to do it? Then please register for a chance at a free, created-by-me set of classroom-ready, cross-curricular, critical thinking activities to go with the children’s literature title and grade/age range of your choice. One current subscriber is selected via random number generator to receive a custom set each month. One set per person. Samples are here; designs will vary.

All subscribers, registrants, and followers receive…

Tips and explorations to enjoy kidlit across the curriculum.

Previews and behind-the-scenes peeks into my latest titles.

Fully fledged facts, useful fun, & a few fripperies for current & budding bookworms.

Invitations to Katie’s School of Betas (KSB) events for first readers with a bit of flash willing to fight for quality kidlit by sharing input on my newest titles & resources. KSB has classes for readers of all ages & stages. Under 18? Ask an adult to help.

Please share you rating for my site so I can fix whatever needs fixin’ -thanks!

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