Blogging Between the Lines

5 Picture Books: Caring & Coping

Continuing my happy connection with A Novel Mind, I’ve guest posted another set of picture books with related discussion starters and follow up activities. The titles can help youngsters understand, cope, and grow as they manage all the changes and concerns related to life during the COVID closures. The blog post is here. Here are…

Reading Between the Lines: 5 PBs for All Minds

It’s an honor to join with the talented, thoughtful team at A Novel Mind. I’m excited to share my latest Big Ideas for [All Kinds of] Young Minds thoughts via the guest blog post linked below. Reading lots of storybooks through an inclusion lens can reveal a message that ND is an element in many…

Triple Dip 1: stars & belonging

The 3 titles of each TRIPLE DIP make a yummy mix of genres and stages of literary sophistication. Stages are not the same as ‘reading levels’ because quality books always work in some fashion for all readers no matter the word count or available ELA skills. Read more here. Sophie and Little Star by Amber…


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