Reading Between the Lines: 5 PBs for All Minds

It’s an honor to join with the talented, thoughtful team at A Novel Mind. I’m excited to share my latest Big Ideas for [All Kinds of] Young Minds thoughts via the guest blog post linked below.

Reading lots of storybooks through an inclusion lens can reveal a message that ND is an element in many tales (and in real-life, too).

5 Titles Covered:  We Don’t Eat Our Classmates, They All Saw a Cat, I’m a Duck, Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I don’t!), Elmer, A Friend for Henry

Picture Book Roundup:  Reading Between the Lines for All Kinds of Minds

Neurodiversity (ND) is a term describing the wide network of traits that stem from mental, behavioral, or developmental differences/challenges. Neurodiverse (sometimes called neurodivergent) or ‘differently brained’ individuals have unique abilities, challenges, and preferences.

When A Novel Mind features neurodiversity-related titles, the ND themes are usually prominent. But today’s picture book round-up offers a more subtle twist. Many other picture books in the library – especially those with friendship themes – can also be great conduits for ND conversations. Specifically, they can:

  • promote empathy (not pity),
  • depict acceptance (not ridicule),
  • emphasize successes (even tiny ones), and
  • define disabilities or illness accurately and realistically (avoiding false heroism or stigma-based otherness).

Further, adults can enrich young readers’ understanding by asking questions such as:

  • · Have you or a schoolmate or friend ever acted like this/felt this way?
  • · What may have caused the behavior?
  • · If the behavior was difficult for you or for the person doing it, what made it better? Read the rest here.

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