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Priorities & Preferences

Dream Job:  Ice Cream Curator                             

Hobby:  Taking down Plaque Man (& promoting tooth fairy economics) with the Gwyneth & the Flossy Posse

Claim to Fame: I play well with words.

The work I love includes…

  • Writing stories to engage young minds with big ideas.
  • Applying a melange of experiences with classroom teaching, curriculum development, home schooling, science education & outreach at major national venues, and my M.Ed. to create cross-curricular lessons that inspire critical thinking and fun.
  • Copywriting and editing for private and pro bono clients prone to word worrying, phrase fumbling, and publication aspirations of all sorts.
  • Formally reviewing kidlit for Children’s Lit. Informally reviewing personal picks for kicks.
  • Guest blogging for authors (e.g. WriteOnCon), readers (e.g. A Novel Mind) and more.

What’s with the octopus logo?

They’re fascinating creatures with very uniquely structured brains. Their arms reach out in graceful tandem as well as for distinct purposes to explore, embrace, or expunge all kinds of input. Their hearts – all 3 of ’em – are in the right places. The diversity of the colors, patterns, shapes, flexible thinking, and every-ocean-in-the-world locations they embody is both stunning and inspiring. Their Greek etymology means even their name requires a bit of word play (octopuses is the best plural form, really!). What’s not to love?

I do more than read, write, and teach. I’m also a…

  • Mom & wife fueled by faith and laughter.
  • Small town fan who loves travel.
  • Early bird comfortable with night owls.

I’m rarely too busy for family time enjoying sports, live music, the beach, a Disney ending…or ice cream. Here are some of my action shots.

Professional Resume

Headshot – I should post a proper version eventually. In the meantime…

Press Blurb

Katie O’Brien Engen, M.Ed. and wordplay specialist, writes stories and cross-curricular learning resources to engage young minds with big ideas. She works in private practice mentoring students with executive functioning and language processing challenges. Katie also guest blogs about writing, reading, and teaching as well as reviews kidlit books for various outlets. Happy to leave her desk for family, sports, or books, Katie is fueled by faith, laughter, and ice cream. She lives in Maryland where one of her favorite runs is the ~10 miles to the Washington Monument in D.C. 

Publications Sampler

Smithsonian Institution / National Science Resources Center
Soils non-fiction picture book for teaching reading & science in tandem

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: RigbyLiteracy By Design -The Irish Experience No Irish Need Apply – historical fiction with 5th grade teaching pack 

Capstone Press – nonfiction for middle school emergent readers
Heroes of the WWE
Suzanne Collins from Nickelodeon to The Hunger Games
Usher:  Hip Hop and Beyond

Kensington Neighbors – professional community magazine

American Society of Plant Biologists – ASPB News
Articles for the research community on education & outreach insights