Hi I'm....

I'm a tooth fairy. I collect teeth for a living. Like any fairy, I use teeth to buy things I need and want. You better believe that rotten teeth take the sparkle out of my day. So when Plaque Man tried to rot all teeth, it really shook the fairy world. That's when my posse of periodontal pixies & I made sure that vile villain knew he'd bit off more than he could chew. Read all about our adventures in my soon-to-be-released memoir (some call it a picture book), The Tooth Fairy Conference. And check out my biographer (some call her author), Katie Engen's short video about the brainy and brawny solutions we used to floss and toss Plaque Man. We think you'll really sink your teeth into this cheeky update on tooth fairy traditions that champions oral hygiene, critical thinking and team work along with a minty-fresh look at economics?.Yep, economics. Because even kids & fairies need to understand it.

Learn about the book here.  Katie's video is here.